This was made for the AGBIC 2016 Jam. The game is a pretty basic proc-gen dungeon crawler. You travel through floors fighting flower blobs, and you go until you die.

Along the way blobs will drop new loot for you as well as potions to keep you alive. The deeper you go, the stronger they will get so be careful!

In order to get around you can cut your way through the walls to reach new rooms.

There are DEFINITELY some bugs with this one, but it's playable enough :)


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Hey great work! The art lovely! If the player hitbox were about half the size of a wall tile, navigation could be a lot smoother - especially in narrow passages. :^)

Potions might be better off as instant pickups - when surrounded in tight spaces it can be difficult to fight your way out if your weapon will get swapped out with an empty bottle instead of attacking :P

Really appreciate the systems at work though; mobs, loot, progression, animated text - very satisfying.

Hey Spencer,

Thanks for the kind words! I totally agree with you on the hitbox thing. Same with the potions, although ideally I would just crank down the enemy spawning a lot so that you're not bombarded as often.