COLORWAYS is a color-matching puzzle game mixed with the slide mechanics of THREES.


Use the arrow keys to slide all blocks in the desire direction. If there are blocks of 3 or more of a given color they will be removed from the board and you will receive points!

There are 3 grid sizes and 6 difficulty levels, so you can find your ideal challenge level.


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Interesting concept and well presented. However there is not much strategy to the game. When I randomly press press up, down, left, right the blocks will eventually match anyway, even when starting on level 5.

Hey, thanks for your comment :) I definitely agree there isn't a TON of strategy to it, but ultimately I wanted to follow through on the concept regardless. If you want additional challenge, try the 6 or 4 grid. They definitely require more deliberate movements.

Ultimately though, it's just a fun little casual game that combines some mechanics I really like :) 

Thanks for checking it out!


Nice little puzzle game. /Thumbs up!